If you need quick service bookmark this page, stop reading and call extension 701 right away to quickly receive free consulting and estimates on cable projects today. No building is too tall and no network is too small. I will prove to you that IUN is mastering the inverse relationship between quality labor at the right cost and overall project speed.

We bring crystal clear HD signals to buildings using one small 70 cm dish. There is a very low startup cost for the building’s ownership and it prevents other providers from installing different equipment without approval. We are always on time and work at all hours to convince you that you really are our top priority. We take care of your building and can leave nothing but cleaned up well molded cable systems when our appointment windows are concluded. To install Cable TV satellite dishes for every tenant is ridiculous and it does hurt the appeal of the structure or of the units in the multi-family spaces. In the past we had contracted with network installation companies on an ad hoc basis selling their commercial platform. We found that there is a huge gap in the real estate industry today where tenants and mangers fight to find the appropriate solutions for TV and Internet needsin the dramatically unforgiving Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens buildings. Our capability statements are what landlord property managers need the most. We have a system based on hard learned lessons and numerous case studies that solidifies our core values and most importantly the promise to clients.

Our strategy is that if we build a trusted friendship with you we will find a mutually beneficial task where we can help your business to run with more benefits to the tenants and control to the management. Our consulting information is so valuable because it is an ever changing highly technical body of knowledge that we develop and maintain specially to help facilities’ and building stay up and running with the TV internet network and prevent messy cables. We stay up to date with all our insurance and compliance requirements so that all network providers are on the table when discussing a service implementation project. We dispense with the worry, the non-compliance, the guesswork, the cable messes, the outages, the repairs, and the frustration.

IUN stands for Iunctio United Networks and Iunctio is the Latin word for Connect.  We bridge the wireless gap and also secure the areas in which we work. We have high-caliber tasks being performed for no-cost keeping all residents happy. Properties receive more benefits from IUN than any other Cable Condo Integrator. Cash in on a 5 yr deal with Iunctio to lock in your building service protection package now email info@iunsatcom.com or call now.

-Kevin M.




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Our company connects you to proven next generation technology. IUN projects include seem-less upgrades to your communication systems, wireless equipment, TV activation, Internet smart home devices, dishes and antenna cable systems.

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Our clients enjoy a worry free suite of services that mitigate network issues and downtime that could harm, browsing, operational display, metrics, operational capability or reporting including removal, restoration and repair services for free.

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